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Agenda tu primera clase

Para la lección usaremos las plataformas Zoom, Skype o Google Meet. La primera clase es gratis, para agendarla ponte en contacto conmigo.

For the lesson we will use the Zoom, Skype or Google Meet platforms. The first lesson is free, please contact me to schedule it.

Ponte en contacto

Solemos responder lo más pronto posible, a menos que estemos en clase. También recuerda que tal vez tenemos diferente zona horaria.

We usually respond as soon as possible, unless we are in class. Also remember that we may have a different time zone.

Costos y Promociones

Costs and Promotions

After your free class these are the costs and promotions

Once you make a payment, Terms & Conditions are applied. Please, make sure you read them.
Common questions are solved at our FAQ.

You can have a refund within 24 hours if you change your mind. Simply contact me.

Elige tu método de pago

Payment details will be discussed in the last minutes of your first class



If you have a Mexican bank account, you can make a transfer