Terms & Conditions

Once you make a payment, Terms & Conditions are applied. Please, make sure you read them.


  • The trial lesson is completely FREE and it will last 45-60min.
  • The trial lesson allows the teacher the time to get to know your level and helps to ensure that the subscribed lessons meet your needs and aims for the future.
  • After the trial lesson, there is absolutely no obligation to take any more lessons.
  • If the trial lesson’s appointment needed to be cancelled or rescheduled, this MUST be notified 4 hours before the initially scheduled appointment. Otherwise, the lesson will be considered as delivered.


  • The schedule can be arranged before payment is made, but once it has been arranged, payment must be made for the classes during the next 2 hours, otherwise those times will be opened up for another student to consider.
  • Lessons are paid in advance. Rescheduling requirements are detailed in the Rescheduling and Cancellations section.
  • Payments are via Wise, a safe and secure way to pay via debit or credit card or bank transfer. Once a website user pressess the ”buy now” button they will be automatically redirected to Wise.
  • Háblame en Español is not responsible for any additional bank fees, interest charges, finance charges, over-draft charges, or other fees charged by other third parties.
  • After booking a set of lessons the buyer will receive a confirmation of your payment via e-mail.
  • Háblame en Español reserves the right to update fees. Students will be notified by their tutor in advance.
  • Just like in any other business, prices and pricing structure are subject to change depending on many factors, although in Háblame en Español we try to minimize the frequency of this to avoid inconveniences.


  • Cancellation and change policy is 4 hours in advance by email. If the lesson had to be rescheduled or cancelled within 4 hours before the beginning of it, this one will be charged.
  • Cancellations are possible in a period shorter than 4 hours before the lesson due to extenuating circumstances. The student will have 14 days to make it up from the date of the cancellation. If this chance is not taken, student will lose the full lesson fee. The amount of events where a student can reschedule by extenuating circumstances is limited at once per month.
  • There are no make-ups or rescheduling for make-up lessons.
  • No-shows will be charged.
  • If a student stops taking lessons for 1 month from the date of their last lesson without agreeing with the tutor the date they are resuming them, then the remainder lessons that has been purchased will expire. If the tutor is notified, this period can be extended to 2 months.
  • If for any reason, the student does not wish or is unable to continue with the lessons he/she may requests a refund for the lessons not taken, but a cancellation fee of 20% of the remaining credit of the lessons not taken plus transaction costs will be charged.


  • Students MUST inform of holidays plans to their tutor in advance.
  • If circumstances arise that prevent the tutor from attending the class, the tutor may notify the student at least 4 hours before the class time to reschedule the class.
  • If for some strange reason the tutor does not show up for class without notice, the student will be able to reschedule that class and will also receive an extra class free of charge. Or the student can request a refund for the class in question.


  • It’s the student’s responsibility to have all the software requirements ready for the lesson. Should the student need any assistance, the contact form is available for helping to sort out any possible inconvenience.
  • At the moment there are no teaching and learning materials for children, so the Spanish lessons are only for people over 16 years of age.
  • A student is anyone person aged 16 or over who has paid for a lesson, a set or sets of lessons and has not made use of all the remaining ones yet.
  • The tutor reserves the right to decide who is and who is not a student.
  • All terms and conditions are subject to change.


  • To get your three free classes, invite three different friends to schedule their trial class.
  • Your friends do not need to take the class on the same day or in the same week, they can each choose a time that works best for them.
  • During his/her first class, your friend should notify the tutor who he/she was invited by.
  • After your friend has taken his/her trial class, you will be able to schedule your free class at your preferred time.

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